Marvin Flores Unger Flying Carpet Shop (2023)

The exhibition 'Flying Carpet Shop' was created in collaboration between Judith Kisner and Marvin Flores Unger and was on show from 8 – 10 December 2023 at Künstler*innenhaus FRISE, Hamburg.

In view of 'Flying Carpet Shop', by Judith Kisner, you can probably count the brushstrokes, the lines and colour shapes in the picture. You don't need a lot of patience for that, there don't seem to be too many. A "manageable" number is useful here, nothing strange like 0.08988 or 6.72×10⁹, but the "numbers called magical or sacred: 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 20, etc.", often found when a spoken or mechanical magical rite is performed, as Marcel Mauss notes in 'General Theory of Magic'.

Marvin Flores Unger's work 'Larnax', when it comes to an act of counting, requires a span of patience. The screen of a smartphone, perched on a collection of transport crates, plays back 29,714 photographs taken in a loop at the speed of 60 frames per second, while more private photos spill out shredded from the corners of another cardboard amphora, in which the photograph of Germany's largest crocodile awaits.

In many languages, there is a connection between the act of counting and the telling of a story. In Spanish, for example, the verb contar means both "to count" and "to tell" (the word for short story, cuento, has the same root). For other reasons, there is a similar connection in German between the words zählen, erzählen and Erzählung.

The exhibition was supported by Minister of Culture and Media of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

Credits "Flying Carpet Shop"

Artists: Judith Kisner with Marvin Flores Unger
Organiser, FRISE: Eva Riekehof
Photos: Jáno Möckel
Print: Optiplan GmbH