Marvin Flores Unger Più di Pegoretti (2016)

The bike stand lifts the Pegoretti racing bike up and presents it as a piece of art.

A bike stand for a unique, hand-painted racing bike by Dario Pegoretti. This pedestal lifts-up the bike, like a piece of art and provides the perfect storage place at the same time. The object is made of colored concrete and polyurethane parts.

“Riding a bike in traffic is dangerous!” This jacket can be worn inside out to serve multiple purposes. One side has the look of a minimalistic spring jacket, the other features reflective stripes drawing focus to the biker’s silhouette at night.

Bike Pedestal and Shift Jacket were presented to the public at the Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milano, Italy as part of the Più di Pegoretti exhibition.

Credits Bike Pedestal

Concept/Design: MFU
Cast: Ahrens Technology GmbH
Industrial Partner: Dario Pegoretti

Credits Shift Jacket

Design: Freia Achenbach, David Gebka, MFU
Industrial Partner: Dario Pegoretti

Photo Rossignoli Milano: Julia Sang Nguyen